Five salient features of Indian Automobile Industry


– The Indian automobile industry is one of the pioneers of inclusive growth, community development, social projects and general economic upliftment. It has seen towns getting established and growing into bustling metropolises around the automobile manufacturing eco-system.

– SIAM works towards supporting a sustainable development of the Indian automobile industry with the vision that India emerges as the destination of choice in the world for design and manufacture of automobiles. It works towards making vehicles affordable & safer, increasing productivity and achieving global standards of quality.

– SIAM, the apex body of the Indian automotive sector, has pursued a vigorous corporate citizenship agenda. Among the initiatives, SIAM introduced in the country, was a computerized emissions-checking infrastructure for issuing Pollution under Control (PUC) certificates.

Further to this SIAM also piloted networking of these pollution check centers which enabled the government to collect and analyze the emission data of vehicles running on our road.

– SIAM, through its initiative – Society for Automotive Fitness & Environment (SAFE), has pursued an integrated approach for a cleaner environment and a reduction in road accidents. SIAM members in their own right have been contributing to the good of society.

– In its outreach, SIAM has never forgotten that children and youth are tomorrow’s citizens. It’s inclusive initiatives have always reached out to the next generation through awareness drives and educational programs that focus on the greater good of society. SIAM believes that today’s youngsters can be highly effective change agents in society.

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