5 Tips To A Better Environment While On The Move

The environment is for everyone; to protect and conserve the environment for the next generation is everyone’s responsibility. It requires little but continuous collective effort to safeguard our environment and the air that we inhale. You can also contribute, even while driving. Follow these 5 easy steps to save our environment.

Follow speed limit – Driving within speed limit allows complete fuel combustion inside the engine. This reduces the amount of emission and keeps engine clean and healthy.
Lane driving, safe driving – Always follow lane driving; it not only helps avoid accidents, it also prevents unnecessary acceleration. The more you accelerate, the more you pollution the environment.
Avoid Air-conditioning, park your vehicle under sheds – Parking vehicles under sheds keep them cool and prevent excessive use of air-conditioning.
Regular servicing – The engine oil helps in smooth functioning of the engine and reduces friction. A healthy engine emits less fume and helps keep the environment clean.
Get you PUC certificate – Every vehicle must go through Pollution Check once in a quarter. A valid PUC certificate means your vehicle emissions are within the permissible limits.
Let’s be a responsible citizen, let’s contribute towards environment. #yeSIAMresponsible

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