Keep your car cool in summers

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An eye on dashboard (instrument panel) updates you with the engine’s temperature. Make sure that the coolant levels are full, fans, hoses and radiator are in good order. Coolant prevents rust and increases the boiling point of water.

Radiators should be regularly flushed to remove dust. This is critical especially in areas with high dust levels. One should opt for trusted mechanics about hoses, which should be changed every two to three years – especially in CNG vehicles.

Dust particles can creep inside engine oil compartment during summers. Check oil level periodically and ensure that right kind of oil with original filters are used.Car Service1

Tyres suffer the most during summer and wear out at a higher rate when exposed to hot tarmac. Tyre pressure should be checked every week and kept at optimum level. Heat makes air expand, and over-inflated or under-inflated tyres lead to uneven wear. One can improve safety by rotating the tyres every 8,000 to 10,000 km.

Air conditioning system should be serviced every year. Always open the airflow vent and roll down windows after starting the car for a couple of minutes to allow fresh air before switching on the AC.

Brake pads wear out quicker during summer and it is necessary to get them checked by an expert. Harsh sun rays can also play havoc with rubber in wiper blades. Check these blades for dust and debris. Keep enough washer fluid in the windshield fluid tank.

Try to park in shade and leave a slight gap while rolling up a window so that hot air can flush out. Cover windscreen from inside with a reflective cover. Window shades keep away direct sun rays out and ensure that car cabin doesn’t get too hot.

And lastly, keep a cool head at all times. Always wear a seat belt, Drive safe and follow rules.

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