Yes I am responsible


Course and the very existence of our healthy future lies in dealing with this problem with an affirmative hand and in a collective spirit. We shall not let our urban centres turn into mid-century London, or present day Beijing. We must not let things slip from our hand to such an extent where things would be irreversible and there isn’t an iota of hope left. Where only the feeling of accepting the impending doom is there, we need to stop and reverse it now.

Act Now: Say #Yesiamresponsible and do your bit to support the environment.

2 thoughts on “Yes I am responsible”

  1. #yesiamresponsible
    Time has come to support such activity not only online but also going out and do your bit. Let’s join the hand together to curb the giant in making. Any act of this kind should be appreciated – Thank You SIAM for doing it.

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